Competition "100 BEST PHOTOS of the year" is carried out by the organizers and founders of the resource-based site 35FOTO.RU (hereinafter - "Organizer"), addressed to specific persons and is aimed at popularization of photography as an art.

Members of the jury (the editors) are appointed by the organizer and the final decision about the works finalists and winners they have taken, can not be appealed. Bidder can be any author when his works satisfy the requirements of the competition. To participate in the competition photographers from any country without restrictions.

The organizer reserves the right to amend these rules.

Venue and date of the action

Registration and voting is conducted using the site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site")

According to the results of the photo contest will be revealed that 100 of the best works will be included in the annual photo album published and distributed by the organizers of the contest on its results. Authors whose works were in the hundred best photos, get the album for free. Location and time of the ceremony will be announced later.

Stages of the competition

1. Start of the competition. Join the authors for the contest.

2. Join the authors of works sent to the contest.

3. Voting. A more detailed description of the stages of voting will be further published on the site of the competition.

4. Print books.

5. The exhibition of the best works and award winners.

Steps 1-2 are carried out during the reception period of work

To apply for participation in the competition the author himself is registered, then register your work on the web-site of the photo contest in the prescribed form referred to in paragraph "Registration of authors and works" of this Regulation.

Organizers have the right to carry out newsletters to all participants. Holders of additional prizes may be determined by the representatives of companies providing prizes, from among the finalists. Work-winners are announced at a special ceremony in Moscow, which also happens awarded diplomas and prizes. Location and time of the ceremony will be announced later.

According to the results of the contest, the winner of each category will be invited to join the editorial board of the following calendar year after the contest, which they won. This ensures the most transparent procedure for forming the editorial board

The author can not vote for their own work.

Vote for one job only once in one stage of voting.

The author may take only one prize for work scored the maximum number of votes in the current competition.

Final voting results will be released in stages by the end of the 3 step process.

If several works scored an equal number of votes in the 1st or 2nd stage, during the next transition all of these works.

If the 3rd stage of several works scored an equal number of votes, the winner will be determined by an additional vote.

Rights organizer of the competition

Organizer of the Competition shall enjoy all the rights provided by these Rules and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

The organizer has the right to modify the Contest Rules Contest unilaterally by notifying the participants for five (5) calendar days prior to the date of entry into force of such changes by posting the new Rules of Competition on the Site.

The organizer of the competition has the right to remove participants and to revise the procedure for determining the winner in the event of fraud Bidder or other persons in favor of the Bidder associated with deception, fraud and other illegal actions, thanks to which bidders could win prizes provided by these Rules, or get a privileged position in relation to other participants.


The number and name of the nominations for the competition will be further published on the competition website. Organizers have the right to move the picture to another nomination if he deems it necessary. If the nomination is gaining a small amount of work it can be combined with the other nominations.

Registration papers

Registration of authors and works going on the web-site competition in the relevant section, on a specially prescribed form.

Image Format - JPEG, RGB color model

sizes from 800 × 800 pixels

Work should not be any copyright dies, copyright marks, add borders, etc.

Original works

In case of contact work in the semi-finals of the author must provide the RAW-file, or the original JPG-file, as well as specially prepared for printing large-format file that corresponds to the sent earlier in the competition. The deadline for submitting the file - two weeks after receipt of the letter. After receiving the letter to the specified e-mail address during registration, announces the release of the semi-finals, the author gives the organizers of files via a special form.

Crop work should be the same as in the web-version presented to the competition and evaluated by experts and a jury.

Author and Intellectual Property

Photo Copyright only their authors. By participating in the competition the authors give their consent administration 35photo free to use them for the purpose of promoting competition in the various media, print albums, books with the works of the finalists and the winners of, and the production of works in the exhibition and sale. Use the finalists in the future for special events dedicated to the promotion of competition.

Downloading pictures on the website, User automatically confirms that does not violate the copyright and other intellectual property rights, and is fully responsible for it.

The author must be granted by the copyright material. By submitting work to the competition, the author grants permission to use the material provided to them by the organizers for any purpose related to the conduct of the competition and subsequent exhibitions.

The authors of the winners of the contest will receive a notice from the administration and will be pumped up to the site in the high-resolution files for printing album and exhibition work. The authors of such works must provide photos in the form indicated in "original works", no more than 10 days from receipt of the letter.

By submitting to the contest, you agree that in case of victory, provide work for publication in the book, exhibitions and other postmeropriyatiyah competition without any monetary compensation for it. Proceeds from the sale of albums, books, and works of the exhibition will be used to cover the production, exhibition and other costs of administration 35photo.

Any other commercial use is possible only with the consent of the author.

Specific requirements

The total number of pictures sent by the author to the contest - 5 participants past moderation on the site and 2 for all others. The limit can be increased with additional methods which will be detailed on the website of the organizer of the contest.

The photos need to be made during the current calendar year.

If the photo is made by digital camera without the detachable equipment, the number of pixels of the matrix camera should be at least 8 million (8 megapixels).

Original size of at least 3000 pixels on the larger side. Artificial increase in the size of the original is not allowed.

Reasons for refusal

If the work does not meet the requirements specified in different locations of this Regulation. Contest organizers reserve the right not to participate works that do not meet a certain quality and technical level, without explanation.



Registration starts work on competition — 01.09.2015.

End of registration to the contest — 29.02.2016

Dates for the other stages of the competition will be announced on the contest page.

Order of informing participants about the conditions of the Competition

The offer to participate in the contest to set out its conditions posted on the website The organizer is entitled to place further information about the project, including in the media.

Final provisions

Participation in the project automatically assumes introduction and full consent of the participants to these Rules.


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