Nature Photography. The photo shows the beauty of nature. It may be mountains, seascapes, photos of heavenly bodies, etc .. In the photograph may be present humans and animals, if they are harmoniously incorporated in the frame. Welcome original, ambitious, unusual frames with an interesting play of light. Especially photographs received will be glad in the harsh climatic conditions and from remote corners of our planet.

Лучшие работы данной номинации будут опубликованы в журнале "Вокруг Света"


Photos where the basis of the frame is a human. It may be an ordinary portrait, genre portrait of emotional pictures, reportage, documentary, etc. The photograph can be one person or several. We look forward to an original, emotional, memorable images.

Animal world

Animals, birds, fish, insects and other creatures in their natural habitat. The photograph should be displayed interesting moment in the life of the animal, its behavior and interactions with other individuals or the environment. Welcome dynamic, emotional, memorable and original footage. We are waiting for technically difficult to find photos of rare animal species.


Photographs which depict inanimate objects. Below them is meant cityscapes, architecture, still lifes. Those objects which have been created by man. It also includes abstract and conceptual pictures, they will be very welcome.

Black and White

The first photo was taken almost 200 years ago and has become something commonplace in our lives. Black-and-white photograph - a classic. Black or black-and-white photograph is an image of a black and white, and intermediate shades of gray.


Photos of nude, glamor and fashion. Ny - photographs reveal the beauty of the naked body. Glamorous picture viewer focuses on the model, and the clothing and background details contribute to the multiplication of its appeal. Fashion - picture of high fashion, that is, models, expensive items of famous brands and designers for fashion magazines. Welcomed the original, memorable work.


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